Monday, November 8, 2010

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

A whirling and colorful kaleidoscope of music, dance and display set against the world famous backdrop of Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has been an international favorite for over 60 years!

2009 marked the Tattoo’s eleventh successive sell-out season, with over 217,000 in attendance and over 100 million watching in the 30 countries it is televised in. The Tattoo is set up and run for charitable purposes. Over the years it has gifted some $8 Million to service and civilian organizations. This amazing event should not be missed!

The show is always fresh, exciting and alive. Performers from over 40 countries have presented here, delivering a new and unique show every time. Types of performances range from exciting, with daredevil motorcycles at top speed and the breathtaking re-enactment of battles, to exotic, with Turkish music or Chinese dancers; or simply the best of Scottish, with Scottish Highland dancers wheeling and swirling to a fiddle orchestra.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo begins as the massed bands march out in their hundreds across the drawbridge, flanked by effigies of William Wallace and Robert The Bruce, emotions run high: this matchless spectacle unfailingly enthralls, symbolizing the Scotland that everyone holds dear in their heart. The shows finale brings together all 1000 or so performers on the Esplanade, column after column of marchers, dancers and bandsmen. The audience joins in the great chorus of singing and cheering, applause and cries, before a hush falls for the singing of the Evening Hymn, the sounding of the Last Post and the lowering of the flags. From the castle ramparts, a single spotlight cues the Lone Piper to play his haunting lament. The high notes echo across the dark city and night sky, and slowly die. Fireworks then burst out against the black sky, and Tattoo-goers all, united by international friendship and the shared love of a nation, its music and its traditions.

From the opening act to fireworks you will be glued to your seats, left with a hope to return. Catch this great show on Celtic Tour’s Scottish Dream Tour, available for only three of our departures July 30, August 13 and August 20. Book now to reserve your seat!

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