Monday, March 28, 2011

Doge's Palace, Venice, Italy

When visiting Venice, you can’t miss a stop at Doge’s Palace. Centrally located off of St. Mark’s Square, on the Piazzetta, the Doge’s Palace was the seat of government for the former Venetian Republic.

The architectural style of the Doge's Palace is unique. Commonly referred to as Venetian Gothic, it adapts northern Gothic styles to Venetian geographic conditions. Tall arches, steeples and towers were prone to subsidence. Therefore, low squat structures, incorporating many typical and often exaggerated Gothic features, were preferred.

The eastern wing of the palace is connected by the Bridge of Sighs to the prison on the opposite bank of the Rio del Palazzo. The enclosed bridge was constructed around 1600, of white limestone and has windows with stone bars. It was Lord Byron who penned the famous name “The Bridge of Sighs” when he romantically recounted the sound of condemned prisoner’s sighs as it was their last view of Venice before their imprisonment. According to legend, lovers will be granted everlasting love and bliss if they kiss on a gondola at sunset under the bridge.

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Hotel Venice Airport said...

A symbol of the city that shouldn't be missed. Really beautiful place.

Hotel venice airport said...

Doge’s Palace is astonishing! I am glad you had the chance to visit it!

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