Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dublinia & The Viking World

Lose yourself in VIKING & MEDIEVAL DUBLIN! Dublinia is an unforgettable experience in a historically important location at the heart of Dublin City, the crossroads where modern and old Dublin meets. Housed in the historic Synod Hall at Christchurch, Dublinia is an authentic experience brought to life in an exciting and contemporary way for all, children and adults alike, to engage, learn and share. See Dublin from a new perspective, and come away knowing more about the citizens of Dublin throughout the ages.

There are three exhibitions in Dublinia where you will see Dublin city from a new perspective. Come away knowing more about the citizens of Dublin throughout the ages and share in their experiences.

Viking Dublin: Go back to Viking times in Dublin! See for yourself what life was like onboard a Viking warship. Learn of their long and challenging voyages, their weaponry and the skills of being a Viking warrior. Try on Viking clothes, become a slave (watch those heavy chains) and stroll down a noisy street. Visit a smokey and cramped Viking house, learn the Viking runic alphabet and hear their poetry and sagas. Enjoy the myths and learn of the mysteries surrounding the Vikings and their legacy.

Medieval Dublin: Travel back to medieval Dublin! From Strongbow to the Reformation we recreate the sights, sounds and smells of this busy city. Learn of warfare, crime and punishment, death and disease and even toothache remedies of 700 years ago. See the city as it would have looked then. Enjoy the spicy aromas; learn to play medieval games and so much more when you visit our medieval fair. Visit a rich merchant’s kitchen and walk along a bustling medieval street – don’t forget to give the beggar some of your change.

History Hunters: See how the History Hunters dig deep to uncover Dublin’s past! Learn how archaeology works with history and science to piece together the jigsaws of our ancestor’s lives and lifestyles. See genuine Viking and Medieval artifacts including those of a medieval skeleton, found in Dublin (courtesy of the National Museum of Ireland). Hear the languages of old Dublin and explore the city’s earliest maps. Visit the lab and learn how bugs and dirt can be the history hunter’s gold, finish the tour with the Time Detectives and test your new found knowledge.

Dublinia is located at the crossroads of St Michael’s Hill, Patrick St, and Thomas St, in Dublin city centre. Dublinia is connected to Christ Church Cathedral by a medieval footbridge. Dublinia and The Viking World’s fun, interactive exhibits offer insight into early Dublin life for the whole family. Visit Dublinia on your next family vacation to Ireland with Celtic Tours. If its Medieval Ireland you are interested in, the Bunratty Medieval Banquet is not to be missed.

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