Friday, August 31, 2012

Fundraising Through Group Travel

People love to travel and on average take a vacation twice a year. We have found that a travel fundraising program provides a Win-Win proposition for everyone involved.

At Celtic Tours, we realize that you have limited staff resources and budgets – you depend on fundraisers to defray your expenses so you can continue to deliver the vital services you provide. Celtic Tours can help you achieve your fundraising goals through Group Travel.

We will work with you to select or tailor design a tour that will fit the demographics of your organization- the destinations and details have endless possibilities. Our feature destinations include, but are not limited to: Ireland, Britain, Italy, Germany and the South Pacific. We send tours to every corner of the globe!

We will help promote your group trip by providing you with marketing materials such as flyers, posters and a dedicated website landing page. Where possible, we will have one of our Regional Sales Managers host an evening presentation to promote the fundraising trip.

The concept couldn’t be simpler or the potential revenue more staggering!  Visit our website to get some travel ideas. And give us a call 1-800-833-4373 to start planning your fundraising travel experience today – don’t forget to ask how you can travel for free!

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