Wednesday, January 2, 2013

History and all that jazz --- Warsaw

Warsaw – a city rebuilt. First-time visitors ought not to be fooled by the bleak postwar architecture, Poland’s capital is much livelier and cosmopolitan than often given credit for. The story of Warsaw is one of an enduring spirit, a spirit that allowed it’s people to rebuild and overcome. Find reflections of Warsaw’s enduring spirit in its buildings, palaces, monuments and celebrations.

Poland’s capital city was the first the Hitler bombed and the last he destroyed. Flattened in WWII, the city has been racing to replace what was lost and has been experiencing a cultural revival. Many old communist buildings gave way to modern skyscrapers. The dilapidated Old Town was restored brick by brick according to old prints, photographs and paintings. Warsaw is known for having some of the best museums, such as The Warsaw Rising Museum, a Chopin Museum and a Jewish History museum. Visitors will also find impressive palaces, lovely churches and monasteries, interesting monuments, a vibrant nightlife and a bustle of activity with theater, book, jazz and classical music festivals.

Travelers to Warsaw will find something special in this rebuilt city, a drive and vibe that is truly infectious. Visit Poland with Celtic Tours World Vacations.

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