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5 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Wales

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is a precious landscape whose distinctive character and natural beauty are absolutely outstanding. Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty have varied landscapes ranging from rugged coastline to water meadows to gentle downland and upland moors. There are 38 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England and Wales and an additional 8 in Northern Ireland. Created by the legislation of the National Parks Access to the Countryside Act of 1949, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty represent 18% of the Finest Countryside in England and Wales. We are sure you will fall in love with these 5 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Wales:

The Anglesey Coast
Almost the entire 201 km coastline of Ynys Mon, the ancient Isle of Anglesey, is designated as an AONB. The island contains a great variety of fine coastal landscapes. The AONB coincides with stretches of Heritage Coast. Some of the oldest rocks in Britain, the pre-Cambrian Mona Complex, form the low ridges and shallow valleys of Anglesey's sea-planed plateau. Holyhead Mountain is its highest point (219m) with superb distant views to Snowdonia. Low cliffs, alternating with coves, pebble beaches and tucked-away villages, line the island's northern shores. The east coast's sheer limestone cliffs, interspersed with fine sandy beaches, contrast with the south's wilderness of sand dunes that roll away down to Aberffraw Bay.

Clwydian Range
The Clwydian Range is a 35 km long chain of undulating hills, rising between the Vale of Clwyd to the west and the Dee Estuary to the east. Often known as the northeastern rampart of Wales, the steep western escarpment and switchback skyline of the range contrast with the lush green vales at its feet.

Chosen for its classic coastline and outstanding natural environment, Gower was the first AONB to be designated. Except for the small, urbanised eastern corner, the entire Gower peninsula is an AONB. Complex geology gives a wide variety of scenery in a relatively small area. It ranges from the south coast's superb carboniferous limestone scenery at Worms Head and Oxwich Bay to the salt-marshes and dune systems in the north. Inland, the most prominent features are the large areas of common, dominated by sandstone heath ridges including the soaring sweep of Cefn Bryn. Secluded valleys have rich deciduous woodland and the traditional agricultural landscape is a patchwork of fields characterised by walls, stone-faced banks and hedgerows.

The Llyn Peninsula
Nowhere is far from the sea on the long, low peninsula of Llyn, which is famous for the unspoilt beauty of its coastline. The AONB, covering a quarter of the peninsula, is largely coastal, but extends inland to take in the volcanic domes which punctuate the plateau.

The Wye Valley

The Wye Valley, winding sinuously down from Hereford to Chepstow, is both one of the finest lowland landscapes in Britain and one of the few lowland AONBs. In the north, the river meanders through the broad meadows, dotted woods and hedgerows of the Hereford plain. Its most dramatic limestone scenery, including the famous Symonds Yat, lies downstream from Ross-on-Wye. Deeply incised meanders have cut into the plateau to form sheer wooded limestone cliffs with superb views down to the valley floor. Between the gorges are broader valley reaches, with rounded hills and bluffs and a gently rolling skyline.

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