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Vacation Itinerary Planner: The German Clock Road

This route takes you through the most beautiful vacation destinations in the Black Forest and the Baar region. Charming museums and sights revolve here around clock making. In clock factories the product process can be witnessed. Wooden clocks were manufactured in Waldau as early as 1667, the most prominent example being the cuckoo clock. On the way you will discover Black Forest farmsteads and houses with the characteristic shingle-roofs, clear streams, luscious meadows and dark green forests.

1. Schramberg
Schramberg is a town in the district of Rottweil, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is situated in the eastern Black Forest, 25 km northwest of Rottweil. With all its districts Talstadt, Sulgen, Waldmössingen, Heiligenbronn, Schönbronn and Tennenbronn (since 2006) it has about 22,000 inhabitants. In 1861 the clock factory Junghans was founded in Schramberg. At the beginning of the 20th century Junghans became the biggest clock factory worldwide with 3000 employees. In the surroundings of Junghans many suppliers like spring producers established their companies. Junghans although being much smaller now still continues to produce clocks nowadays.

2. Rottweil
Located between the Black Forest and the Swabian Alps, Rottweil has about 25,000 inhabitants. The old city is famous for its medieval center and for its traditional carnival. The oldest town in Baden-Württemberg, its appearance has changed very little from the 16th century.

3. Bad Durrheim
Bad Dürrheim in the Black Forest boasts the double distinction of being a salt-water spa and a climatic health resort, which makes it ideal for a successful health break.

4. Titisee-Neustadt
The scenic highlight of Titisee - Neustadt is doubtless the fantastic setting of Titisee lake whose crystal-clear water attracts thousands of enthusiastic swimmers to the healthy climate of the resort town bearing the same name. Since its conversion to a pedestrian zone and waterfront promenade, Seestraße is considered the loveliest street for strolling in the Southern Black Forest.

5. Lenzkirch
Lenzkirch is located in the High Black Forest between the attractions of Lake Titisee, the Feldberg mountain, Lake Schluchsee and Wutachschlucht Gorge, which are known far and wide. Lenzkirch also lies on the German Clock Road. Lenzkirch and its districts are located on a slightly undulating, largely open plateau, which offers marvellous views over the High Black Forest.

6. Glottertal
Located near the town of Freiburg in the far south west of Germany, the Glottertal valley in the southern Black Forest offers picturesque walking country with pretty flower-filled meadows, lush orchards and vineyards, wooded peaks and shady pine forests, not to mention warm hospitality and culinary delights.

7. Waldkirch
Waldkirch is a town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, located 15 kilometers northeast of Freiburg im Breisgau. While the English translation of its name is Forest Church, it is known as "the town of mechanical organs", where fairground organs played on the streets were manufactured by such well-known manufacturers as Carl Frei, A. Ruth and Son, and Wilhelm Bruder's Sons.

8. Triberg
Watchmaking was once a thriving local industry in Triburg. Check out the World's Biggest Cuckoo Clock here.

9. Hornberg
Hornberg, the town of the 'Hornberger Schießen' (Hornberg Shooting) is located in the Gutach Valley on the Black Forest Railway. The district of Reichenbach is one of the 3 villages which are the home of the famous Bollenhut, a traditional ladies' hat topped with pom-poms.

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