Monday, September 13, 2010

Dublin City Hall

Amazing history and impressive architecture: 1000 years of Dublin history contained under the atmospheric vaults of Dublin City Hall. Adjacent to Dublin Castle, Dublin’s City Hall has been the site of major historical events. Most notably, Easter 1916, Dublin City Hall was occupied by the rebel forces.

Originally erected in the late 1700’s, Dublin’s City Hall was formerly the Royal Exchange. The Exchange was a place where the business men of Dublin could buy and sell goods and then trade Bills of exchange. As it was close to the Customs House, it was handy for traders and merchants, landing in Dublin from overseas.

The neo-classical building contains a central entrance hall or Rotunda, with a large dome supported by twelve columns which is surrounded by an ambulatory where the merchants strolled and discussed business meetings. Dublin City Council have owned the building since 1851 and have recently restored it to its original beauty.

“The Story of the Capital” Exhibition in the atmospheric vaults of Dublin City Hall, is an exciting multimedia exhibition which traces the history of Dublin City. It tells of the city’s founding, through Viking times and into the unique and vibrant city today. Treasures of the city such as the Great Sword and mace of Dublin and the Lord Mayor's chains come together with video, medieval manuscripts, interactive computer displays and period costumes, to tell the story of the capital city.

For those who want to know a bit about the history of Dublin, the exhibition takes just one hour and tells over 1000 years of the history of this unique and ever changing city. From trade to war, Dublin has had a colorful past. Learn all about it at Dublin's City Hall on your next Ireland Vacation with Celtic Tours.

Dublin City Hall
Lord Edward St.
Dublin 8

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