Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fierce Vikings, fleeing monks and fighting lords

Fierce Vikings, fleeing monks and fighting lords - it's no wonder that the makers of the movie 'Braveheart' chose Trim as the shooting location for their epic thriller. One look at Trim Castle and story book images of valiant warriors and timid monks spring to life.

Trim - a Heritage Town in the heart of the country - but less than one house from Dublin. Dominated bu the majestic 12th century Castle and the mystical River Boyne, Trim provides visitors the ultimate in relaxation or the thrill of action. Trim is now a prosperous and busy market town.

During the early 1700's Jonathan Swift, author of Gullivers Travels, was presented with the Vicarage of Laracor in Trim and spent some of his happiest times in the area as judged by the 'Journal To Stella' which was published after his death. The Duke of Wellington, Sir Arthur Wellesley was educated in Trim and residents erected the Wellington Column to commemorate on of their past pupils.

Visitors are offered heritage tours, cycling, fishing, swimming, golf, tennis, canoeing, musicals, drama festivals, agricultural shows - all you could wish for in a picturesque setting. 

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