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Top Reasons to Go to Moscow

Russia's cosmopolitan capital, Moscow, exudes prosperity and vigor. From Stalin's carved marble metro stations to ultra-modern nightlife, Moscow is an eclectic mix of ancient aristocratic splendor and popping modern culture.

Top Reasons to Go to Moscow

Red Square at Night

The heart of Russia is transformed at night by the glowing red stars atop the Kremlin towers and the lit-up fairy-tale domes of St. Basil's Cathedral. With all-night night-life ranging from historic theaters and edgy art galleries to intriguing underground clubs.

Tapping Into the Arts Scene
From Chekhov and Tchaikovsky to the fresh modern art scene of the contemporary culture, it is not hard to tap into Moscow's thriving art scene. Choosing from the many options is the hard part. Catch a play at the Moscow Art Theater, opera and ballet at the Bolshoi Theater or take in an art show at one of the cities many galleries. Whatever your art preference, you won't leave Moscow without a bit of culture.

The Food
Foodies delight! Mystery and intrigue is riddled throughout the history, art and architecture of this ancient/modern city and has found its way into the foods as well. Blini and borscht, dumplings and drinks --- travelers to Moscow will delight in time-old dishes and new takes on the old alike. Foodies can be found flocking to wine bars, coffee bars and even sushi bars.

Hidden City
Russia laid hidden behind the Iron Curtain for decades, travelers find the remnants of the bygone years as they meander through the intricate side streets on the capital city. Accidentally bump into architectural wonders or find a quiet square, perhaps a pond. Some off the beaten path sites that travelers enjoy: Melnikov House, Krivoarbatsky pereulok and Patriarch's Pond.

Cathedrals and Choirs
Picture Russia and intricately detailed cathedrals, historic monuments, age-old treasures and romantic landscapes come to mind. Do take a moment to explore the dozens of cathedrals throughout Moscow. Stop and listen the the Church Choir echoing throughout the amazing structures. It is not hard to see how these ancient cathedrals have provided and oasis of serenity in the hard times.

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