Thursday, July 25, 2013

Besides Golf - other activities in Ireland

When you come to the Emerald Isle, you could be excused for doing nothing but playing golf. Spending all your time on the fairways, however, would mean that you would miss out on Ireland's diverse range of other activities. Here are just a few of the the activities to take part in while traveling to Ireland:

CYCLE: see the world on two wheels
With its winding streets, friendly locals and temperate climate, Ireland is the perfect country to enjoy by bike. From the fair city of Dublin, where the innovative free bike scheme is the envy of the world and a great way to see the capital, to the scenic routes of Killarney's National PArk and the iconic trails like Sheep's Head - on the wild Atlantic coast - and the Beara Way - from gorgeous Donegal to Bantry - there really is no better way to experience the best that Ireland has to offer.

FISH: world class fishing on river, lake and sea
Ireland is one of the most popular sport fishing destinations in Europe and for good reason, too. The massive variety and quality of fishing, has given the country an enviable reputation. Game and course fishing on Ireland's pristine waterways brings tourists from all over the world, and would make a great addition to any golfing holiday. Likewise, an afternoon spent out at sea might be the icing on the cake of your Irish adventure. The waters are open and free, but sometimes a special permit - easily obtained from the fishing store or local official is required. Conservation lars mean that its always worth checking with someone who has local knowledge.

RIDE: there is nowhere better for it
Known as 'the Land of the Horse' Ireland boasts some of the best riding breaks you could wish for. Whether you are an accomplished rider or are more blessed with enthusiasm than technique, there are mounts and options to suit you. Choose from beach rides where you could gallop down an empty strand, point-to-point treks which will explore the finest local scenery or cross-country routes that will challenge your skills. Whichever you pick, one thing is for sure - you'll end the day on a fresh air high and with a smile on your face.

CRUISE: enjoy the waterways
A relaxing cruise on Ireland's rivers and lakes offers a fresh, often-missed perspecitive on the beautiful Irish landscape. Here, you can enjoy every class of sailing, yachting, cruising, narrow boating and rowing. Especially popular with Irish tourists is river cruising, where on the Shannon, for example, you can enjoy a holkiday like no other. Occasionally, it's even possible to cruise right up to the golf course for your round!

HIKE: experience Ireland on foot
Whether you're on for a quick amble or a long day's hiking, Ireland has the route for you. Choose from short looped walks, multi-day, national way-marked trails or strolls through national parks and forests. There are options to suit all levels of walker. From those who seek everything from a short outing with a guide to those who want to take off for a week-long walking safari. Imagine taking carefree to the hills every day!

TOUR: explorations of Irish culture
From the historic streets of cities like Galway, Cork, Dublin, Kilkenny and Belfast to the lesser-known haunts of Ireland's literary superstars, a walking tour can be a rewarding and revealing experience. With some local knowledge and a gift for talking, an Irish tour guide can explain and expand on Ireland's rich history and cultural heritage like no book can and their stories and fun facts will live long in the memory.

Ireland is a perfect destination for your active vacation! Let Celtic Tours World Vacations plan your next trip to Ireland.

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