Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kilkenny - Vibrant & Flourishing

Take a trip to Ireland’s top crafts county and have a few laughs while you’re at it!

A vibrant, flourishing city with a fascinating medieval history and a thriving crafts industry, Kilkenny is one of the  south east of Ireland’s most appealing places to visit.

With an 800-year-old Norman castle looking over the ancient streets, Kilkenny has transformed itself into a hip cosmopolitan destination with a diverse range of restaurants, lively pubs and bars.

The city also hosts one of the world’s top comedy festivals, The Cat Laughs Comedy Festivals, with acts from all over the globe offering excellent entertainment.

For a quieter pace of life, head out into the unspoiled surrounding countryside where you’ll be lulled into submission by the tranquil River Nore and beautiful forest parks.

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