Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ossian the Bard: Irish Folklore

Steeped in fairytale, mystery and a somewhat bloody history - the Emerald Isle naturally has its fair share of chilling stories, murdered spirits and friendly ghosts. Have you heard of Ossian the Bard?

Son of the giant known for his connection with the Giant's Causeway, Finn McCool, Ossian the Bard was also a great warrior and a poet to match. Ossian was tempted to join Niamh, a lady of the 'Underworld', in the 'Land of Eternal Youth' where no one ever aged.

He was warned never to set foot on land again or he would at once grow old and frail. But we couldn't resist coming back to Glenaan and set about doing so on horseback. Legend has it that Ossian the Bard fell from his horse while assisting an old lady. We aged and died almost as soon as he made contact with the ground. A stoneage burial cairn near Cushendall has long been romantically associated with the grave of Ossian.

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