Monday, December 9, 2013

The Wedding of Taisie: Irish Folklore

Steeped in fairytale, mystery and a somewhat bloody history - the Emerald Isle naturally has its fair share of chilling stories, murdered spirits and friendly ghosts. The Wedding of Taisie is a love triangle folktale.

Taisie was the beautiful daughter of the King of Rathlin. Her beauty was known far and wide. It wasn't long before she gained the attentions of the King of Norway. In true norsemen style, he sent a contingent of his men to bring her back to be his bride. But his demand was refused for Taisie was promised to Congal, heir to the Kingdom of Ireland. When Taisie and Congal's wedding celebrations were in full swing, the King of Norway suddenly arrived with his army. His intent was to capture Taisie. However, in the battle that followed, the Norwegian king was killed. His army returned home leaderless and empty handed.

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