Friday, October 22, 2010

Hill of Tara

Discover the lore, myth and legend surrounding this ancient power spot and let the magic and spirit of this enchanted place harmonize within.

The Hill of Tara, located near the River Boyne, is an archaeological complex in County Meath, Ireland. It contains a number of ancient monuments and, according to tradition, was the seat of the High King of Ireland. Many Irish High Kings were simultaneously Kings of Tara. The title King of Tara represented a very old ideal of sacred kingship in Ireland, imbued with mythical aura stretching deep into the long-forgotten past.

For many centuries, historians worked to uncover Tara's mysteries, and suggested that from the time of the first Celtic influence until the 1169 invasion of Richard de Clare, the Hill of Tara was the island's political and spiritual capital. Recent scholarship claims that Tara was not so much a true seat of kingship, but a sacral site associated with kingship rituals. The earliest records, dating back to 600 AD, attest that high Kings were inaugurated there, and that they had to drink ale and symbolically marry the goddess Maeve to acquire the high-kingship.

Tours of the mystical Hill of Tara include an audio-visual show. The highlights of the visit may include walking up the ceremonial entrance and touching Tara’s ancient and magical Lia Fail, the Stone of Destiny, the legendary treasure from the Fairy Kingdom. As much of the tour is outdoors visitors are advised to wear protective clothing and shoes suitable for walking over uneven terrain.

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