Monday, October 4, 2010

Whitefriar Church, Dublin, Ireland

Whitefriar Church is a Roman Catholic Church set in Dublin, Ireland. The church is noted for having the relics of St. Valentine. In 1835 Pope Gregory XVI decided to make the church a gift to St. Valentine’s body. The Whitefiar Shrine to St. Valentine has been and continues to be a place of pilgrimage for those celebrating love, gained or lost.

The church also contains relics of St. Albert, a Sicilian who died in 1306. On his feast day (August 7), a relic of the saint is dipped into the water of St. Albert's Well and is said to grant healing of body and mind those who use the water.

Whitefriar Church also contains a life-size black oak statue of Our Lady of Dublin. Local legend with tenuous documentary suggest that the statue originated in St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin, Mary Street, Dublin. Stylistically, the statue resembles early sixteenth century wooden statuary and probably dates from that period. Originally brightly painted, the figure had been later whitewashed over, unfortunately, the removal of the whitewash in 1914 also took off the ancient polychrome surface as well. The feast-day of Our Lady of Dublin is celebrated on September 8.

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