Wednesday, October 30, 2013

History & Mystery: Frankenstein's Castle, Germany

Steeped in literary and historical mystery, Frankenstein's Castle ruins slumber a mere 30 miles from Frankfurt city, Germany. On a clear day, one can spot Frankfurt looming in the distance. Travelers to Germany, will find the hilltop castle a nice place to watch the sunset, bring a bottle of wine and a small picnic. 

Frankenstein's Castle was erected sometime before 1250, though a castle has stood in its place since the 11th century. The castle was named by Lord Konrad II. Reiz von Breuberg who had erected the castle. He named himself "von und zu Frankenstein" and was founder of the free imperial lordship Frankenstein, which stretched within Nieder-Beerbach, Darmstadt, Ockstadt, Wetterau and Hesse.

Modern claims of the castle having an influence on the work of Mary Shelley remain controversial. They are linked to the famous German theologian, alchemist and physician, Johann Conrad Dippel, who was born in the castle in 1673. Dippel was known for his theories on soul transference between cadavers. There are claims that during his stay at Castle Frankenstein, he practiced alchemy and anatomy.

Dippel died in 1734. Mary Shelley was born in 1797 in England and her gothic novel, Frankenstein was published in 1818. Though she would have never met Dippel and the are no direct links between Mary Shelley and Frankenstein Castle; it is difficult to believe that Dippel and Frankenstein Castle were not the influence for the novel of the same name.

Drawing from the mystery connection between Frankenstein Castle and Mary Shelley's novel, travelers to Germany must visit the castle during the Halloween season for one of the scariest and spookiest haunted houses in the world.

Whether you are interested in history or mystery, do visit Frankenstein's Castle on your next vacation to Germany. Travel to Germany with Celtic Tours World Vacations.

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