Friday, October 25, 2013

Top Sites to See in Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich offers so many sights to see. A relaxed stroll through the city reveals something amazing at every corner: architectural highlights, historic squares, streets and districts, churches, works of art and much more. Here are just a few of the amazing things to see and do in Zurich:

Grossmunster: The Grossmunster ("great minster") is a Romanesque-style Protestant church in Zurich, Switzerland.

Blindekuh:  Enjoy the pleasures of the palate in complete darkness. Allow yourself to be led by senses other than sight. Trust your nose, your mouth, your ears and your hands. You'll be amazed. Who said we eat with our eyes? This is the world of our blind and partially-sighted service team, who are on hand to guide you through this sensuous adventure.

Zurich Botanical Garden: Tropical rainforest? Scents of the Mediterranean? Primeval forest with tree ferns? Blooming Alpine roses? The travel agency that will transport you to these holiday destinations goes by the name of the University of Zurich Botanical Gardens. Risk and travels costs are low, and the guides speak your language! As in all new worlds, you will appreciate and enjoy this experience to the full by focusing all your senses on the stimuli around you.

Zurich Reitberg Museum: The Rietberg Museum in Zurich is the only art museum for non-European cultures in Switzerland. It possesses an internationally renowned collection of works from Asia, Africa, America and Oceania.

Zurich Toy Museum: This collection of European playthings from the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century is found in one of the oldest corners of Zurich. Toys that mirror in miniature the life of the respective eras: Trains and steam engines bear witness to the technical revolution, dolls and their costumes illustrate fashion trends, doll houses show the domestic life of earlier generations. Pewter figures, antique games, wooden toys, children's books, stoves - everything that belongs to the theme of toys is found in this museum

Swiss National Museum: High quality objects from renowned museums reflect the symbolism of real and mythical creatures in European cultural history from antiquity up to the modern ages. The serpent and the Fall of Man, Saint George and the dragon, Samson and the lion, the sirens with their seductive singing – animals and mythical creatures assume human strengths and weaknesses in myths and legends. They embody courage, power and fertility, seduce with conviction and represent cunning and guile. Eagles, lions, horses, deer, fish, snakes and their transformation into mythical creatures such as dragons, griffins, sphinxes, centaurs, unicorns and sirens form the focal point and invite the observer on a voyage of discovery of myths often originating in antiquity.

Zurich Opera House: The Zurich Opera House is considered one of the best venues in the world for opera. In more than 270 performances per season, such international singing stars as Anna Netrebko, Cecilia Bartoli or Jonas Kaufmann and many others can be experienced live at the Zurich Opera House.

Beyer Museum of Time: The museum contains chronological instruments dating from 1400 BC right up to the present day - shadow sticks, sundials, oil clocks, hourglasses, water clocks, grandfather clocks, table clocks, pocket watches, wristwatches, and scientific and navigation chronometers. The collection is arranged chronologically and currently ends with two cutting-edge quartz instruments, both from Patek Philippe - a central quartz clock that is accurate to within a thousandth of a second a day, and a quartz watch that checks the time once every second via a wireless connection to the atomic clock in Neuch√Ętel and is accurate to within a millionth of a second!Travel to Switzerland with Celtic Tours World Vacations

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