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Eisleben Must Sees

Eisleben is a quaint town in east Germany, about an hour outside Leipzig. The town is most famous as the birthplace and place of death of Martin Luther, making it a perfect stop if you are following the Luther trail. Eisleben also makes a great alternative to staying in the big city of Leipzig, when traveling through the area. For such a small town, there is quite a bit to see. To see everything, we recommend an overnight in the town. The overall appeal of the town is not very touristy so you can get a good vibe from the locals.

Eisleben Must Sees

St. Peter's and Paul's Church
The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul is the place where Martin Luther was baptised. The foundation for the present building was laid in 1486. Before that time, a smaller edifice had been situated at the same place, but its appearance is unknown. It is certain, however, that on November 11th, 1483, the day Luther was baptised, the mighty church steeple had already been erected. Its spire was remodelled in 1566, when it received the roof hood that is seen today. At the beginning of the 16th century, the construction work of both the outside and the inside of the late Gothic hall church with three naves was finished.

Luther's Last Residence Exhibit

As Martin Luther died in Eisleben on 18th February 1546, the Luther Memorial “Luther’s last residence” can be found here. Nowadays, his last residence is a museum located above the Eisleber Markt.

Luther's Birthplace
The house where Luther was born was built in the middle of the fifteenth century as a burgher’s home. Luther’s father rented it shortly before Luther’s birth in 1483. The ground floor still retains its original floor plan.

Whether stopping into Eisleben on your way to Leipzig, or following the Luther Trail, Eisleben is a quaint town and a must see! Start planning your Germany vacation with Celtic Tours World Vacations!

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