Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Top 9 Attractions in Erfurt, Germany

Erfurt is a pretty little city centrally located between Frankfurt and Dresden. It also makes a great stopover between Berlin and Munich. For a little city, Erfurt absolutely packs a lot of great museums and attractions. Here are the top 9!

Merchant's Bridge: See it from every angle! When on the bridge you cannot tell that it is a bridge so to truly appreciate the marvelous architecture, you must it from the front and back as well as browsing the shops across it.

Gera River: The Gera River runs around the entire city, with several picturesque footbridges there are many places to stop for a minute and take in the beauty of this medieval city. You may even spot some local wildlife such as a heron taking flight.

Cathedral Square: This beautiful square is flanked by the cathedral and the Church of St. Severus. Stroll through the square enjoying an ice cream or a decadent chocolate for the nearby chocolatier, Goldhelm Schokolade.

Mariendom: Take a look inside this beautiful cathedral for the stained glass windows and the magnificent 14th century carved choir stalls - a feast for the eyes!

Church of St. Severus: Right next to Mariendom, a part of Cathedral Square, St. Severus is also worth taking a peak inside.

Egapark Erfurt:
Here you will find one of the largest flower and horticultural parks in Germany.

Alte Synagogue: This recently "rediscovered" synagogue is a cultural and architectural treasure built in the 11th century. Take a moment to marvel at one of the few remaining medieval synagogues in Europe.

Outdoor Shopping Mall: The pedestrianized outdoor shopping mall is a feast for the wandering architect - plus take in a little bit of shopping while you are here!

Erfurt Protestant Augustinian Monastery: This peaceful gothic monastery complex is one of the most famous related to the reformation.

As with all medieval cities in Europe, look for the nooks and crannies. Discover beautiful fountains, playful statues, stop for a moment to hear the street performers play an accordion or violin and enjoy a cappuccino at one of the many street cafes in the traffic-free city center. Erfurt is a beautiful little city. Stay here as a stopover between major cities on your route, or stay here for a week and visit the nearby towns and castles! Start planning your Germany vacation with Celtic Tours World Vacations.

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