Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wartburg Castle

Capping a rocky spur, overlooking the quaint city of Eisenach, East Germany; Wartburg Castle stands, a monument to the feudal period. Wartburg Castle was named a UNESCO World Heritage site for its rich cultural associations, including its central role in the reformation.

The original castle was built here in 1067 and attributed to Count Ludwig der Springer. The lengthy history to follow covers two centuries and is filled with wars, kings and poets. But perhaps the best known character in the history of Wartburg Castle is Martin Luther.

Martin Luther is known to have spent his time in exile on the grounds of this castle. On May 4, 1521 Elector Friedrich the Wise allowed Luther to be brought to the Wartburg near Eisenach. It was during his exile at Wartburg Castle that Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German. Luther devoted himself to the new task and completed it within 11 weeks. Today you can view his room at the castle, the desk where we worked and the famous ink spot on the wall, where he is said to have thrown the inkwell while battling Satan himself.

Not to be missed at Wartburg Castle, the magnificent Great Hall where you will learn about the famous Minstrel's Contest. If possible, take in a concert here!

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